The Truth behind "The slipped disc"

The problem with the "slipped disc" statement is that is entirely inadequate in explaining the pathology of a Herniated Nucleus Pulposus. When a Herniated disc "slips" it is automatically assumed that it could be "put back in" as easily as it slipped out. This may be true if you are dealing with some type of rubberized action figure, but this is living human tissue that we are dealing with.

So whats the fix? how does one heal from an injury like this?

That depends on your symptoms and clinical presentation. Do you have peripheral symptoms (does your shoulder or arm tingle or hurt) or is the pain localized to your neck region? Is there any weakness associated with your condition?

In some situations, the "extruded disc" material may even be reabsorbed by your body via your body's own immune response, however your disc is still weakened if not treated properly. During our evaluatio we can easily assess the situation and ascertain the best possible outcomes for healing.

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