If you think you know what Physical Therapy is, TRY AGAIN.

I had an interesting conversation with a new patient today. The patient comes in and says to me “you know, I’ve had Sciatica before and went to physical therapy at my Doctor’s office”. I stop her right there, interrupting her “you mean to say you had a massage and electrical stimulation performed by an aide at your doctor’s office”. “Well, I don’t know but they did everything... the massage, ultrasound, and the electrodes”, she responds. I try not to laugh out loud but continue to ask her questions regarding her symptoms, past medical history, and such and so forth.

I start my evaluation questioning her about her pain, mechanism of injury, and chronicity of the problem. I then continue to test her reflexes, muscle strength, flexibility, all while monitoring for neurological symptomatology and analyzing her facial and central nervous system responses. As I am doing this there is a level of astonishment on her face, as if I am doing something completely new and out of this world. “Nobody has ever done that”, she says. “My Doctor just se