Grasmere PT's Top 4 Exercises for Knee Pain Relief

1. Straight Leg Raise

Not only is this exercise beneficial for your core if performed correctly, it effectively strengthens the hip flexors which simulates normal muscle activation patterns during forward walking.

2. Terminal Knee Extension

The Quadricep is a 4 belly muscle and is the most important knee stabilizer. Weakness or tightness can cause a variety of inflammatory conditions resulting in pain and dysfunction. Terminal knee extension in particular activates this muscle's main knee stabilizer, the VMO, which in many people does not engage properly during normal walking or recreational activity.

3. Clamshells

By strengthening your Gluteals and hip muscles you can effectively decrease stress on the knee. That's because weak hips create strain on your knees anatomically causing asymmetric weight bearing through the knee joint.

4. Hamstring stretch

Tight hamstrings pull your pelvis into a posterior position, inhibiting your Gluteals and as mentioned above, putting more stress on your knees.

If you or anyone you know has knee pain you can try these exercises but keep in mind this is a general list. Each patient has a unique set of symptoms and will react differently. Make sure to call us if your knee pain persists so that you can be thoroughly evaluated before starting your treatment plan.

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