Keep your Meniscus it is a part of You


Most people usually rush to the conclusion that since their doctor says they have a meniscus tear and the MRI shows that there is a meniscus tear that they have no other choice but to have surgery. OK, lets get started. First off, many types of meniscus tears can heal without surgery. The Meniscus is made of fibrocartilage which is known for its rigidity and strength. A tear does not mean that there is something inherently wrong with how your knee is working and this is something I would like to stress. The implications of a meniscus tear are not as dire as many people seem to think. In fact, many people currently have tears and are functioning just fine. They may not even know they have a meniscus tear.

Why? you may ask?

Because many tears do not interfere with how the knee is operating. These tears are not causing inflammation, swelling, or any significant pain. BUT WAIT the MRI said I have a tear ! My answer is.... SO WHAT? Your MRI can also show that you have bulging discs throughout the spine but you are not complaining of neck or back pain. You just so happened to take an MRI of your knee and your doctor is pushing surgery.

We humans inherently want whatever is wrong with us to be "fixed" quickly so that we can forget about it and live for an eternity with a pristine meniscus. Surgery is hardly a fix, however. It may be a short term solution, but long term it may result in even more surgeries down the road. It is very common for people after knee surgery to develop MORE ARTHRITIS at a faster rate which can ultimately lead to a knee replacement. Now I am not downplaying surgery, but only when it is absolutely necessary !

Lets make that list now of why you may think you need surgery but probably don't :

1. The MRI said you have a tear (AND?)

2. The consequences of not getting the surgery are DIRE (FALSE)

3. Your Doctor said you need surgery (Do your own research)

Please do your own research before jumping into an unnecessary surgery. If you would like to ask us a question feel free to call or send us an online inquiry.

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