SLAP Tears... They are not all created equal! (4 common types)

Type I is a partial tear and degeneration to the superior labrum, where the edges are rough and fray along the free margin, but the labrum is not completely detached.

Type II is the most common type of SLAP tear. The superior labrum is completely torn off the glenoid, due to an injury (often a shoulder dislocation).

Type III is a 'bucket-handle' tear of the labrum, where the torn labrum hangs into the joint and causes symptoms of 'locking' and 'popping' or 'clunking'.

The Type 4 SLAP tear is one where the tear of the labrum extends into the long head of biceps tendon.

How do we avoid developing a Labral tear?

1. Keep your Rotator Cuff/postural muscles strong for improved joint stability.

2. Avoid direct trauma to the shoulder.

3. Avoid excessive overhead activity.

4. Come to PT as soon as you see/feel signs of a possible Labral Tear!

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