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Frequently Asked Questions 

If you are not familiar with what physical therapy is or whether is right for you, do not worry this page is for you!


What is Physical Therapy?
Physical Therapy is a well known, evidence-based method to promote healing and restore function. Treatment involves the use of therapeutic exercise, modalities, manual therapy/soft tissue work, stretching, along with other techniques to promote healing in a safe and efficient manner.




Am I a candidate for Physical Therapy?


If you are in pain, have any functional limitations, or simply would like to improve your activities of daily living (ADLs), you are a candidate! Physical Therapy can benefit any person of any age or physical ability. 


What do I have to bring on my first session? How long will my first session last?


Before you see the clinician you will need to supply proper identification along with insurance information and a prescription or referral, if necessary. Be sure to bring any doctor ordered tests such as an X-ray or MRI. Moreover, supply us with a list of your current medications. Your first session will include a full evaluation along with a treatment session which will last approximately 90 minutes.



What should I wear to Physical Therapy? 
Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing that will allow for exposure of the body part being treated. Wear comfortable shoes, preferably sneakers for added support during exercise.
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